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Fuck your little shop, lenticular cards and stikeez collectibles

All these fucking collectable shit things. I will give it to checkers though, of the “crazes” they definitely win at coolest because seriously, they make me feel like the BFG and a kid again and shop shop  is FUN. I was pretty stoked when I saw the little shop things thinking yay for a fun one. BUT a trip to the shops today changed my mind.

1) I went out of my way to go to checkers for a loaf of bread instead of popping into the spar 2 min away. (Because diesel ain’t cheap we shop where we can walk to!)

2) I made sure I spent the R150 to get that fucking little plastic thing even though all I really needed was bread and marmite.

Now for these two points I resent myself, cause I could have and should have just left it. But I didn’t cause the kid is sick and has been bugging me to collect these things.

These things are great in a sense, we’re finally getting back something for all the money we spend at the shops. BUUUUT only those with enough money to spend x amount each time. You see what they don’t take into account is the people like me who don’t always spend R150 on the nose cause we have a fucking budget or lack of one.

Do you know how hard it is to explain to your kid WHY the auntie in front of you got 7+ of these little things where as mommy only gets 1 because unlike the lady ahead of us mommy had to add up everything in her head as it goes in to the trolley so she knows her card won’t decline at check out.

I am fucking sick of it. All these things do is make us judge each other more. It makes my kid jealous of yours because he only has two but your kid brags cause she has all of them plus doubles. This crap? This is where it starts. This is where it’s instilled in our kids the pecking order or status.


It’s enough that I try raise my kid as best I can on what little I have and am able to pull in each month. It’s enough that I’ve had to teach him the media sucks, that hand me downs are awesome and that we don’t need a fancy tv just because everyone we know has one.

Your fun collectibles? They are a slap in the face. A constant reminder of this sucky hole I am in. They are making me envy friends.

I just thought you should know that. Cause I highly doubt you took peoples feelings into consideration. You just saw a bandwagon and hopped right on up there.

Yours Sincerely.

The average parent.

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