fuck you very very much

There are people who have for the past several years proved that they are assholes one event after the next and you’d think I’d have learned this by now and accepted it and yet I just got burned so bad yet again and stupidly it hurts even though I should have expected it.

Am just glad that it seems nurture took precedence over genetics in our situation and he hasn’t inherited said asshole gene that seems to run so strongly in that family.

I feel so dumb for letting their pettiness get to me.
It’s like they love to remind me that they aren’t worth being around.
Probably a good thing I guess.


I just tried to take a sip of my coffee and there was a fly swimming in it.

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  1. Great post. These types of situations always bring me to the phrase “Forgive and let live”. For the most part I do, BUT then you”ll have a moment where it’s impossible and I to resort too ” fuck you very much”. :)

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