from NICU to now

Sometimes it feels like yesterday that I was pregnant and other times it feels like an entire lifetime ago. Looking at him now it’s hard to believe that he weighed a mere 1.7kg and was escorted off to the NICU and was kept in a little box.

I’ve read countless posts on mom’s accounts of their little babes in the NICU but I have never written one because when he was in NICU I was in CICU (critical intensive care unit – one up from the ICU, it’s where you’re literally in eyesight of a nurse 24/7).  So in all honesty despite my teeny little preemie being in neonatal care I don’t know what it feels like to be that mom.

My gynea was amazing, a muslim woman who just so happened to share a due date with me! Yup, we were expecting at the same time. Her little madam stayed in until she was supposed to though were as mine was eager to meet everyone and turn my life upside down in a good way. And as I found out later one she would also end up quite literally saving our lives as she was my surgeon and was the one who made the quick call to operate  and get the little parasite that my body was trying to kill out of me.

You see, I went into labour on the Saturday evening, on the Sunday I started having contractions and after a call to mama decided it probably wasn’t actually contractions and ignored it. I have a high pain threshold thanks to being in constant pain anyway (horse riding accident) so I simply shelved it and missioned on until I attended an appointment the Thursday that I’d actually meant to skip due to finances.


He was taken out of my womb at 14:14 alive at all odds on the 6th of August by a muslim woman. He was saved by her quick thinking, knowledge and nimble, caring hands. 

Do you want to know why I keep pointing out she’s Muslim? Because it seems that people need reminding that everyone is capable of anything no matter what race/religion/part of the world they are from. SHE IS A HUMAN BEING! And she saved our lives.

And yesterday we got to see her for the first time since the day we were discharged. It was SO good seeing her again and she really made a big fuss over Fysh, demanding that we make visits more often. She even sent “her miracle baby” (despite being starved of oxygen due to a ruptured and torn away placenta and umbilicle cord wrapped around his neck made it) home with the office mascot teddy.

Thanks to this amazing woman I get to spend every day watching this soul grow into a fascinating person. One who is confident and kind, quick witted and as smart as he is stubborn (which is very, just like his mama). He’s talented and generous and funny in an awkward way. I’m honoured and privileged and ever so damn grateful that I get to be his mama.

Thank you Salma for giving up years of your life to go and study.
JazakAllahu khair

Dr Salma Isaacs


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