[free pattern] kindle cover

[free pattern] kindle cover
kindle cover
For this project you will need
  • 1 ball each of dk yarn in your choice of colours – I chose 3 and alternated them every 2 rows but you could have as many or as few as you wish.
  • 1 crochet hook size 4mm
  • a large eyed yarn needle to sew up the side at the end
** This tutorial uses US crochet terminology cause it’s what I taught myself with.
Let’s get started!

Note: rows 1 and 2 form the ripple shape and rows 3-6 are the pattern repeat. I changed colour every 2 rows in my sequence of 3 colours. I worked into the back loops only with each colour change to enhance the pattern and create a raised, textured effect. This fits a kindle paperwhite but if you want to edit it for another reader it’s easy you just need to increase in increments of 9 till it’s the size you want it. The edges don’t make a straight line so it’s not a great blanket pattern but when you sew it up it makes a perfect cover. 
For your foundation row ch55
1. sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 3sts, *3sc in next st, sc in next 8sts. Repeat from * 6 times, 3sc in next st, sc in next 4sts to end. ch1 turn2. Skip first sc, *sc into next 4sts, 3sc into next st, sc into next 4sts, skip 2sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

3. slst into next 3sts, [change colour here!] ch3 (represents a double crochet) then working into back loops only, dc into next 2sts, *3tr into next st, dc into next 3sts, skip 4sts, dc into next 3sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn4. sc in next 4sts, *3sc in next st, sc in next 8sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

5. [change colour here] Working into the back loops only, skip 1st st, *sc in next 4sts, 3sc in next st, sc  in next 4sts, skip 2sts. Repeat from * to end. ch1 turn

6. Repeat row 5 but work into both loops

7. Repeat rows 3-6 until the work is long enough to cover your kindle (or iPad or whatever you’re making it for).

kindle cover
To make up
  • Darn in any ends from your colour changes and block press the work gently with an iron
  • Fold the work in half with right sides facing and using the corresponding colour yarn, dc along the bottom edge [I crocheted into the ripple to make the bottom a straight edge. I kinda made it up and didn’t write it down but it was something like slip st, sc, dc, hdc, dc, sc, slip stitch]
  • I used the ends to crochet the sides together so the colours were corresponding with each layer, it makes a weird zig zag pattern but when you turn it right side out you don’t see it.

And that’s it! took me about 5ish hours to make up mine but I crochet really slow and had a visitor in between. If you make one please tag me (@cupcakemummy on instagram and everywhere else) and # it crochetbycupcake <3

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