For the love of lego

Lego party

I met Cindi via our online boook club when we had an event for authors where each author was given a day to take over and promote their book by doing a giveaway or interview or whatever. I won a copy of her book A Piece of My Heart which you really need to read. 

Anyway, we got to chatting and bonded over books and crocheting and her really awesome stew and she’s seriously awesome. She just so happens to have two kidlets one of which is only a few days older than Fysh and so we were invited to a lego party!

Not only is Cindy a talented writer but she’s a total over achiever when it comes to parties and it was awesome. Guys… There was even Lego shaped chocolate!!!

So she found the moulds at Toys r Us and the crazy store stocks them as well BUT for those of you who don’t have either close by or can’t find them at your stores here is a video that’s great at explaining it. This is how my dad showed me to make moulds for the yachts. And you can get the silicone at a crafting store like The Deckle Edge or just get some from builders warehouse.

We had a blast. And we got to build lego! Instead of getting a party packs the kids got a Mixles that they could build and take home. Brilliant idea! Fysh has been playing with it all day.

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