For our dad-ish

About five and a half years ago a man came into my our life, I was hesitant and I wasn’t really looking for something long term, my child was my main priority but I’m human and have needs ja know?

He stuck around, he always accepted that Fysh and I were a packaged deal but he didn’t want to take on the “dad” role. I understood, he went through something tough and lost his dad which made him not want Fysh to get attached to him in case he ended up the same way. As I mentioned before though our dynamic has changed a lot. M has really taken on the dad role way more than I ever expected and so easily and successfully as well.

I don’t think I can fully explain what that means. I am still the main parent, but to know that my child has such a stunning soul to call dad-ish after I’d resigned myself all those years ago after Ash left that it wasn’t going to happen. To have someone (not my parents) who cares about him, his well being and his future as much as I do is just. Well, it’s a big deal.

So this year we celebrated our first official “dad-ish day” and it was so good. Fysh and I put together the most dad kinda gift we could think of – hankies!!! and of course a book on bad dad jokes so he can “up his game” hahaha. We spent at least an hour reading out some of the jokes, flip they are awful and yet I can understand them better than most jokes oops.

What did the snail sitting on the tortoises back say?

DAD is a title that is EARNED by being there, caring, stepping up and helping out, DNA does not a parent make.

However you earned the title, by being the biological parent that loves and cares for his kids, by adoption, by your partner having a child. Whatever the box you tick. You are amazing and I applaud and thank you. Cause while it’s #notallmen I know that the assholes out there can often overshadow the great ones.



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