Flowercrowns and Treatment

Did you know that if you added up all the patients with rare diseases you would have more people than all of those with cancer and AIDS combined? That’s a lot of people without support because rare diseases aren’t as funded for treatments as Cancer etc. I’m not saying Cancer isn’t important, it’s a freaking sadistic bitch but thankfully there are people out there working on new ways to combat it daily.

I met Megan from Flowercrowns and Treatment via social media, I can’t even really remember how or why exactly but like the other few people I have I treasure her dearly and she has been such a freaking ray of sunshine in my life. Today Megan is back in hospital, it’s basically where she spends most of her time because like a lot of other patients with rare diseases. And it sucks that I can’t help her out and what sucks even more than anything else is that she finally has a small ray of hope in helping her maintain life (she has Myasthenia Gravis) by going through a stem cell treatment, but because “it’s experimental” her medical aid has denied it despite support from all her Doctors. They refuse, because who cares about extending an adults life… It’s ridiculous and I am so angry at the damn medical aid community, I feel like they really do let down more than they actually help most of the time. Personal experience with this so meh.

This means Megan needs to raise R250 000 for a treatment to save her life and make sure she celebrates more birthdays.

For starters we’re putting together a large hamper vibes that we’re going to raffle off. I know that raffles are usually for schools and old ladies but it’s a start right? So if you have anything to contribute to the hamper we would be ever so grateful so that we can get it put together, I’ve personally donated a Beastie and we already have another two amazing souls adding to that.

If you have any other ideas please feel free to share. I’m convincing her to set up a crowdfunding as well so I’ll share that link when I have it.

It might not be my fight, I could just say good luck with that and move on but I am not going to.
I might be able to do very much but every small bit adds up in the end. Let’s show Megan that she isn’t alone?

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