Fact Friday – fingerprints

The other day we were hanging up washing and Fysh asked why we have fingerprints. The best I could answer him is that they help us grip onto things. Well that answer didn’t really placate it, he knows about using fingerprints to find people because of NCIS etc but then in an episode of Numb3rs they got the wrong guy because they used a partial print and assumed it was from the thumb which just brought the fascination of prints back into play.

We’ve decided that Fridays are now Fact Friday so we made Fingerprints the theme of today. He has to go and google the topic and then we do a little project around it and he has to give me 5 facts that he learned.

In the I-Spy Schooly Box we got from BeeBeeBox there’s a fingerprinting kit so we pulled out all the pieces, made prints and magnets. It was actually a really great activity as we could inspect all the swirls and whirls, look at the differences between his thumb and mine and also all our other fingerprints. The only thing we changed though is that I grabbed a bronze inkpad I have as I found the ink in the box was too watery to really show up his print as well as mine. 

Even I was pretty fascinated. I think it’d be fun to do an art piece inspired by his prints somehow. Maybe an enlarged version, a story in the lines. I’ll think of something.

Five Fabulous Facts :

  • The ridges in the shape of loops and spirals that you see on your fingerprints and the thumb actually help you grasp and object. Without them you will not be able to write properly.
  • No two fingerprints are exactly alike.
  • Fingerprints start forming when you’re still inside the womb.
  • There are sweat glands that ooze oils and salt through tiny pores on your fingertips, this is why you leave your prints behind on anything you touch.
  • Our retinal (eyeball) print and tongue print are also unique to us.

Even I didn’t know about the tongue thing.
Do you have any fingerprint facts to share with us?

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