Fact Friday – Teddy Roosevelt

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Fysh and I were watching an episode of Where on earth is Carmen Sandiego and one of the facts that popped up during the show was that the Teddy Bear is named  after U.S. President Theodore Rosevelt.

Of course we decided to google this to make sure it was actually true cause it’s a pretty interesting fact and low and behold it is!

In 1902, President Roosevelt participated in a bear-hunting trip in Mississippi. While hunting, Roosevelt declared the behavior of the other hunters “unsportsmanlike” after he refused to kill a bear they had captured. As news of the hunting trip spread, many newspapers around the country featured political cartoons starring “Teddy” and “the bear.”

Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, New York, a shop owner named Morris Michtom saw one of the cartoons and had an idea. Michtom and his wife created plush, stuffed bears and placed them in the front window of their shop. With permission from Roosevelt, Michtom named the bears “Teddy bears.” They were an instant success. Ladies and children carried the bears with them in public. President Roosevelt even used the teddy bear as his mascot when he ran for re-election!

While looking for this info I found a few other really interesting facts about old Teddy. He might not have been our president but he was actually a pretty awesome guy.



Five Fabulous Facts

  • At 42, he was the youngest person to become president, when President McKinley was assassinated. He was also the first to succeed to the office after a president’s death, and then to later also win by election.
  • Not only was a president but the other job titles he’d had were quite varied: cattle rancher, deputy sheriff, historian, naturalist, explorer, author of 35 books, police commissioner, assistant Secretary of the Navy, governor of New York, war hero, and lawyer.
  • He was a trendsetter. Roosevelt’s Wikipedia entry has a list of presidential firsts, including the first president to refer to the presidential mansion as the White House, host a black man at a White House dinner, appoint a Jewish person as a cabinet member, travel outside the United States while in office, and fly in an airplane. And in 1906 he was the first American to ever win a Nobel Prize.
  • Roosevelt boxed for Harvard University’s intramural lightweight championship and continued to spar recreationally during his political career. During his days in the White House, he regularly put up his dukes against former professional boxers and other sparring partners until a punch from a young artillery officer smashed a blood vessel and left him nearly blind in his left eye.
  • At the age of 23 he penned his first book, The Naval War of 1812, and earned a reputation as a serious historian. Over the course of his lifetime, Roosevelt authored 38 books, which included an autobiography, a biography of Oliver Cromwell, a history of New York City and the four-volume series The Winning of the West. He also wrote numerous books and magazine articles about hunting and his frontier exploits.

I feel a little unaccomplished now HAHAHAHA. Although he because president at 42 right? so I still have a good 12 years to get it all in order :P

And Fysh is sitting here reading this as I type it and insists I tell y’all that he says Hi.

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