Fact Friday – Succulents

I have tried growing plants for ages and yet somehow I always end up killing them. Fysh seems good at it though and his little birthday seeds are growing fabulously. Soon we’ll have a whole herb garden and spinach and carrots. He wants to try strawberries and tomatoes as well so I’ll be getting him seeds next week.

Succulents though, these I seem to be able to keep alive and grow pretty well! Probably because they only need to be watered once a week and thrive on sun and dry air hahaha. A while back I found a leaf that since then made two massive mothers and from them I’ve propagated a whole bunch of new ones for my front yard and a bunch for gifts as well.

Yesterday we popped into House of Succulents down the road from us and it was amazing! The owner is SO patient and happy to answer any and all questions that Fysh had. He also knows every plant in his nursery by both its Latin and common name!

Five Fabulous Facts :

  • Succulent comes from the Latin word “sucus” which means juice or sap. It’s also a nod to the nourishing leaves that help them survive in arid conditions.
  • You can find ’em in just about every color of the rainbow. Shades of green are a given – but you can also find succulents that are blue, purple, pink, orange, and red!
  • Generally, succulents are pest resistent.
  • You can use succulent cuttings to grow new plants – snip off a succulent leaf, let it dry in the sun, and plant it in dirt and water.
  • A Christmas cactus is basically a succulent poinsettia.
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