We were at the opening of The Kids Gym on Wednesday and they have these really cool classes the kids can do, one in particular is The NinjaZone where they learn to be ninja’s. Basically it’s a mix of martial arts, gymnastics and parkour. So the kids are having a fantastic time because who doesn’t want to be a ninja right? But they’re getting a full workout without even it even registering so it’s great. Also, not everyone is made for group sports or ball sports but kids need a workout.

Shrouded in mystery, ninjas have almost become more of an idea than an actual warrior. Hundreds of years ago though, in feudal Japan, ninjas were very active and very real. Not always good guys, not always bad guys, they were somewhat of a mercenary group carrying out assassinations and espionage for the highest bidder. Today, much of what we know about them is in fact little more than legend. If you’re not up to date, however, allow us to enlighten you with a few things we’ve learned.

Five Fabulous Facts :

  • Ninja’s are amazing tellers of time – Apart from the obvious skill of using the stars to tell time, apparently ninjas believed that the eyes of a cat are super sensitive. In fact, they believed them to be so sensitive that the cat’s eyes would reflect the movement of the sun and allow them to tell what time of the day it was.
  • Ninja’s never get lost – In some ways ninjas are like boy scouts, they use seemingly useless things like tree stumps and Spanish moss to figure out other seemingly useless things like which way north is. Thus they can always figure out where they are at.
  • Ninja’s have epic weapons  Aside from the usual four-pointed stars and arrows dipped in poison, ninjas use some other pretty crazy stuff too. The ‘ashiko’ are spiked claws that can be worn on the feet and are used to climb faster and deliver deadly kicks while the ‘bo’ is a staff made from bamboo or hardwood which can be used to launch a poison-tipped dart or even a small knife.
  • Ninja’s use fake footprints – In order to avoid detection, ninjas would actually attach “ashiaro”, or fake footprints” to their boots that would make people think they were a small child or elderly person.
  • Ninja’s can be girls!  Female ninjas were often employed for their murderous charm. They would get close with their enemies and then kill them.

Do you have any interesting Ninja facts to share?

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  1. Ninjas never wore the costumes associated with them. Their attire blended in with civilians. The costumes we associate with them are the costumes stagehands wore in plays. These stagehands (Kuroko) would move things around for “special effects” in traditional Japanese theatre. As a cultural meme, the audience would know that the Kuroko is not part of the story. So if a Kuroko ‘stabs’ someone, the audience would interpret the action as being done so stealthily that no-one saw the perpetrator. When foreigners attended theatre, they were no alive to this cultural meme, and interpreted them to be the ninjas.

  2. No Ninja facts but a question. Where is the Kids Gym? Their website is under construction.

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