Fact Friday – Hamsters

If you missed it : Sir Hamilton McFluffykins pulled a Harry Houdini and escaped from his wonderful habitat on Tuesday and we’ve been searching for the fluffy guy but to no avail. I’d pretty much given up and explained to Fysh that the probability of us finding him was slim to none due to the feral cats we have here that eat everything (yes everything, they even scavenge my fruit and veg!).

Well Wednesday night rolled around and here I am heading to the loo before bed (note that my tiny en suite doesn’t have a light so the only light filtering in is from the bedroom) and the next minute this fucking fluffy thing comes speeding across my feet and straight into the shower. How he survived I don’t know, but how he managed to survive the trek from the unicorns room to mine is seriously beyond me.

Sir Hamilton is safe and sound in a different cage until I can sort out an extra thick backing for the habitat to stop his escaping again. He’s unharmed and still enjoying cuddles but man he nearly gave me a heart attack.

It’s only apt today’s facts be about hamsters right?

Five Fabulous Facts :

  • Mother hamsters put their babies into cheeks too to save them from predators.
  • Hamsters can easily catch a cold from humans.
  • Hamsters have scent glands on their hips or abdomen depending on their species which they use to leave a trace of smell to help them with navigation.
  • According to the National Geographic there are 26 species of the wild hamster.
  • People frequently think that hamsters are vegetarian, but they are actually omnivores. In the wild, rodents have already been known to hunt and eat bugs.


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