easy microwave fudge recipe

easy microwave fudge

I suck at fudge making, I just can’t. I usually end up with some form of weird toffee concoction that tastes good but definitely can’t class as fudge. And it’s a mission and a mess and you may as well throw your good pan away cause you don’t want to deal with that shit.

Not sure what made me decide to try again, but I did. It’s not the smooth texture I love (there’s a guy at Route44 market that sells THE BEST fudge you’ll ever have – spacing on name though) but it tastes and looks like fudge! So I’m going to take this as a win.

easy microwave fudgeINGREDIENTS:
1 can full cream condensed milk
100 g butter
500 ml castor sugar
5 ml vanilla essence
(I also added in a handful of chocolate chips because I had them on hand < hehehe see what I did there)

** For chocolate fudge add 25 ml sifted cocoa after adding the vanilla, or add cherries or chocolate chips or anything you want really.

1) Combine butter, condensed milk and sugar in a large, deep, heat-resistant container.
2) Microwave on HIGH for 2 ½ minutes or until margarine is melted. Stir well to combine all the melted ingredients.
3) Microwave for 10 minutes on HIGH, stirring regularly.
4) When mixture is a light caramel colour, add vanilla essence.
5) Pour into lightly greased, flat container to set. (I sprinkled more choice chips onto the top while it was still hot so they stuck to it.)
6) When slightly cooled, cut into squares.

See! I mean if Fysh and I can make it then you should totes be able to!

4 thoughts on “easy microwave fudge recipe”

  1. Momma Jo says:

    Oh my gawd! !!! I need this, like now! Thanks for sharing

    1. cupcake says:

      DO IT! if you make a fun variation let me know. I’m thinking of doing a white chocolate and candy cane one in a pretty box for everyone for xmas :P

  2. Juwayra says:

    Will definitely be trying this over the weekend!. Thanks :)

    1. cupcake says:

      enjoy! and let me know how it turns out :D

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