easter at casa cupcake

We don’t really do easter as such, I’m not religious and don’t believe in the whole rising of some dead dude etc, and easter was stolen from a pagan holiday and Anglo-Saxon tradition but that’s a whole post all on it’s own.

We sort of do the egg hunt but Fysh has gotten a bit old for the whole hunting for chocolate thing now which is a little sad but am also happy about it, well my ass is any way haha. Technically we were the ones that decided this, we explained that the easter bunny and Santa only bring for young kids which is why the adults don’t get any (long story involving a German xmas) and when you start big school you are too old so then your parents have to buy you the goods.

This is his first “no gifts from the bunny” year which means mama is in charge of a gift, I was going to get him a lindt bunny because they’re his favourite but he asked for lush products instead and who am I to say no to that so I got him the Maypole bar he picked out and he got a few testers from the lushies there who love him. 

I also managed to finish his slipper boots on time for today and he’s pretty chuffed with them, so glad he appreciates the things I make for him, makes all the effort and time put in worth it. 

Then I baked a vanilla and rose cake with chocolate frosting and speckled eggs as our sweet treat while him and The Person faffed around the pool pulling out water plants and jimmying the borehole so that I don’t have to keep running up and down the garden when I want to prime it to use it. Bonus! 

Now it’s Random movies and crocheting and rummy while drinking tea and munching cornflakes cause I don’t feel like going to the shop for dinner. 

Unfortunately The Person had to go home today already as he has websites to migrate and stuffs tomorrow which is kinda poop cause I was counting on the extra day but oh well. Always next weekend.