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padfoot and cupcakeMyself and Padfoot missioned through to The Hollow Tree in Bellville last night to join in on Paint Nite after she won last minute tickets. Mama doesn’t like babysitting during the week cause of my brother needing to be at school the next morning and her 7am gym routine but she agreed with a bit of a huff and watched the mini so that we could have a bit of a ladies night.

Not sure you could call one savannah and 2 hours out a ladies night be I thoroughly enjoyed it and say it counts! We laughed so much and talked so much damn crap I was convinced the host was going to tell us to pack up our canvas and get out. Thankfully she didn’t, she put up with our quirks (well mine) like any artist would and made sure we all had a ball.


I haven’t picked up a paintbrush and acrylics in a long time so I’m really rusty but it was a blast, they have a painting selected for the night then work with you from the back to the foreground so that you can replicate it for your own masterpiece.

They have them often and don’t worry, it’s not only a Cape Town thing, it’s not even just a South Africa thing! You can ALL enjoy a fun night out painting. Thinking of doing this for my birthday, supplying booze and making friends paint things for my house. Eh, we’ll see :)

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