DIY book roses

I am on the fence about book art, I cringe when I think about destroying a book but man it’s so gorgeous. I came across some damaged books in my shed (long story) and I was going to toss them because they’re really not usable any more but the thought of tossing out books is even worse than the thought of taking them apart for art. So I decided that hell, I finally have a glue gun… let’s give these books life again.

I decided a rose, because I’ve been coveting paper roses ever since I collected maps for greenlydia to use to make the most gorgeous bouquet of flowers for her wedding.


Of course it was Pinterest to the rescue as per usual and I ended up finding these awesome step by step photos from which I shall share with you just in case you have a spare book laying around that needs a new life, that and a few of you asked for the post  ♥
I was going to make my own step by step but they just layed it out so nicely I don’t see point in recreating it. Just follow the steps as they show them, you really can’t go wrong.

Major caution with the glue gun, that shit gets HOT! I ended up with a bruise and a few light burns and there was a lot of swearing but I actually aced making one. 


Next up on my list is to make an entire bouquet :)




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