mom loveFysh is hilarious, I mean seriously. This kid is fucking awesome.

So we have this thing where I squish his bum, I’ve done it since he was little and it’s become our thing, it might be weird but hey. We have rules though, actually HE has rules. “My body my rules” which of course makes me so proud cause at least I know he won’t let anyone do anything without a fight but we do play argue about it and I respond with “No, I made you so your body is mine” (please don’t get any gross ideas here because re-reading this I can see how it can be taken the wrong way). Anyway, so back to the rules thing… no bum squishing in public is a big one. It kinda helps sometimes cause if he’s upset about something I can completely take his mind off it by threatening to squish them.

Today we stopped past PnP to drop off a package (Amarex is awesome if you’re looking for a courier), we played a game of ‘don’t touch the lines on the floor’ – the ones between the tiles, so we were preoccupied going in but on the way out we were walking a little slower and the next minute Fysh starts doing this weird hopping/jogging/shuffling thing and patting his but singing “you can’t squish them!” which of course makes me fake run after him. He stops a few feet up the way with a HUGE smile on his face looking like the cat that got the cream then points behind me at the second hand bookstore with an even bigger grin and says “I TRICKED YOU! Now you can’t buy any books.”

The little shit hahahaha

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