did you know?

Are you aware that I draw? Am sure you know that already if you follow me on any or all of my social media pages (sadness if you don’t!). Well I thought I’d put two things out there for you…

art prints

1. You can buy any of the 3 prints I have over on Vin d’Easel this month. They’re only available until the end of August and if you ask nicely I’ll even arrange with them to sign them before they’re sent off to you.

2. I’m hosting an illustration workshop in Cape Town on the 12th of September. It’s R480 and that get’s you your starter kit, a coffee and a little extra knowledge after a fun few hours of drawing! There are only a few spots left for this though as I can only take a maximum of 10 people. Nice and intimate and also space wise that’s all I can accommodate.

Looking forward to seeing those of you attending the workshop, I have notes and the story that’s being written especially for the workshop by a published author (cause I’m awesome and convincing like that) is almost done!

So now that you know you can go and support me somehow. Or just leave a comment, that’s support as well… I like comments :P

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