Dead Pool – DO IT!

So it was our 2 year anniversary on Saturday. TWO YEARS?! What the hell? Where has time gone? And we decided that the most romantic way to celebrate was by watching Dead Pool… cause yes, that’s just how we are haha. So Padfoot offered to watch the Fysh for a little while for us so we can go watch it.

Holy fuck did I laugh. If you’re not into foul language and graphic “senseless” murder then seriously don’t go cause you’ll just walk out complaining, also… it’s definitely not child friendly. There’s sex and nudity and epic could language and graphic violence. He gets shot in the ass, literally right up main street and yes you see it, he slices off a guys head and then kicks it like a football into another guy. It’s really graphic but it is SO WELL DONE and his honour is dead dry and RUDE. I fucking loved it.

The quips and one liners are hilarious – he disses everyone including the studio that set up the whole thing up and he calls Liam Neeson a bad parent (his taken character anyway). It’s non stop laughter.

Also, it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Reynolds is HOT!

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