ONLY TWO DAYS TILL MY BIRTHDAY!!! And yet as exciting as that is I have no plans because most are busy or live not in the mother city. Nothing new there, but that’s why we’re doing these giveaways. So you can celebrate with me!!!

We started off the first giveaway with cupcakes but sadly only for the peeps in Jozi, today I’m going to spoil only the Cape Town peeps! With a dozen delicious cupcakes from Jorja who owns Whisk’d :)

Here’s what Jorja has to say for herself >

My name is Jorja, and I like to bake.

I have adored baking since I was small and carried this hobby up until my varsity years. I would cater for friend’s birthdays, special occasions and other various events – basically whipping up some sort of new tasty treat at every possible opportunity.

I like to experiment with interesting flavours and styles, constantly aiming to produce a new pastry masterpiece… But I have discovered cupcakes to be my niche. I do everything from deadly decadent dessert cupcakes to kiddie’s funky-themed party ones (as well as just the plain old sweet and simple of course).

I am student with far too much time on my hands, so being able to spend this time doing what I love (and actually making a bit of extra dollar), is just the bomb-diggity.

My budding little business is called Whisk’d – and you can contact me personally to place that order you’re already thinking about.

However, if you enter Cupcake Mummy’s Birthday Giveaway competition, you might be the lucky winner of one dozen kick-ass cupcakes (flavoured to your heart’s desire and delivered to your doorstep).

So best you stop drooling and get entering!

– Best wishes from Whisk’d.

And how amazing do these double dark chocolate Nutella killers that she made look like? You know you want cupcakes! I know this cause I want them as well :)


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