e1beac9d04d2ab7989b4f44a2a1486d5I LOVE my monthly book delivery I get to review and I jump with joy when authors send me their books because yeah I may be a little book obsessed haha.

So to spread the love of books I’m putting together a box full o fbook love for one of you. It’ll have a little lap blanket because the cold is nearly upon us and we can all do with a little warmth, some hotchocolate, a mug, a bookmark and 3 books from authors I adore. Genre’s vary so at least one of them you’ll love. I haven’t got them on hand yet as they’re on their way and the mug is at the printer so I’ll show you the box on instagram as soon as I have it.

Thinking of turning this into a thing. It’s big in the states but I haven’t found a decent one for adults here yet so hey, keep an eye out ;)

And while I have you here and thinking about books > did you know I run a book blog where you can get free e-books in exchange for honest reviews?! You didn’t?! Where have you been?! hahahaha. Go sign up if you’re keen or let other people know who might be :)


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26 comments on “DAY TWENTY SEVEN > Book Box”

  1. Absolutely! I love receiving packages in the post and I love books so it would be a double YAY! from me

  2. YES! It’s a lovely gift idea! Seems like the perfect gift for my mom on mother’s day, my son’s teacher, my sister’s birthday, my friend because I love her. It’s just a perfect idea.

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