DAY TWENTY EIGHT > Mischief Managed


And to celebrate my birthday and my obsession with Harry Potter my equally obsessed friend Padfoot from Mischief Managed is gifting one of you some HP love :)

Padfoot and I met on SM and immediately bonded over Potter, we’ve had many days since she moved to Cape Town where we just sit and watch Potter and talk kak, for her birthday I took us to watch Philosophers Stone at the Galileo :D it was the bomb!

Now if you’re a Potter fan you’ll know that The Cursed Child is the “eighth” book set 19 years later which has me a little confused cause of the epilogue in book 7 but guess we’ll know what’s what when it’s out end July. It’s not really a book, it’s the play’s script published so everyone can have it (and I just found out they are doing the same thing with Fantastic Beasts!!!)


Obviously for this one you’ll have to wait for it to be released for her to send it to you so you’ll only get it in August when it’s available (though knowing her she’ll pre-order it so you’ll get it almost soon as it hits the shelves). This is one birthday gift I’m so okay with waiting for!!!

Open internationally!

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21 thoughts on “DAY TWENTY EIGHT > Mischief Managed”

  1. Linda Laing says:

    Helga Hufflepuff

  2. Carla VDW says:

    OOOOOH this would be my favourite of your comps so far!! I would love to say Gryffindor but I am not very brave :( I get sorted into Hufflepuff every time so I guess its yellow for me! I quite like Hufflepuffs though.. they seem nice! Anything but Slytherin!

    1. Zayaan says:

      Hufflepuff is the very best one though! They have a cosy common room right near the kitchens. What more is there to life really than comfy chairs and endless cups of tea? Also Hufflepuffs are hella loyal and hard working. And actually quite brave, after Gryffindor, Hufflepuff House had the most students to stay and fight in the Battle of Hogwarts.

  3. Tuaney Kruger says:

    Im def in the Hufflepuff House :-)

  4. Lauren hewitt says:

    Happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day, thanks for all the giveaways

  5. Zayaan says:

    Proud to be a Hufflepuff to the end of my days! <3

  6. Chantelle Salt says:

    Happy Birthday!
    Wishing you a lovely day.
    Hufflepuff :)

  7. Justine Varner says:

    Happy happy birthday!

    Ravenclaw is my house :)

  8. Bianca says:

    I can’t win, but I am Gryffindor. I believe I am brave :)

  9. Jackie Katzen says:


  10. The Stilettomum says:

    I am so Gryffindor

  11. Megs Hartwig says:

    Definately Hufflepuff house because I think of myself as a great friend. I value loyalty and always think of others first.

  12. Cashe Kidd says:

    Happy birthday from the (seemingly) only person who was sorted into Ravenclaw!

    1. cupcake says:

      With you in Ravenclaw!!!

  13. Gillian says:

    According to Pottermore I am Slytherin, which is probably accurate… as long as i don’t go loopy like Bellatrix then I’.m all good.

  14. Cassey says:

    I’m in Hufflepuff :D

  15. Sara Essop says:

    I’m a Ravenclaw – Happy Birthday!

  16. Jadie Jones says:

    Gryffindor :)

  17. Aneesa says:

    Hufflepuff! Happy birthday :)

  18. Eli Rosen says:

    Ravenclaw or Griffindor. I’m not sure which tbh.

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