So there’s this chick I know who stalked me on twitter and forced me to be her friend. No I’m kidding, it was probably the other way around haha but am so glad I’ve had the opportunity to meet her and that I get to call her a friend. I also get to brag that I wrote a book with her!

Lucky for you this friend is one of the most generous people you know, a talented artist and writer, a traveler and best of all… she works in wine! Yup, WINE! She eats, sleeps, drinks and works wine. And she’s brilliant at what she does. She BTW even arranged an entire event just so I could tick grape stomping/swimming off my bucket list.

Okay so it wasn’t just for me but I like to pretend it was.

Right, the good part > GreenLydia is giving one of YOU some wine just because she feels like it. And not just one bottle… SIX BOTTLES OF WINE! She’s not telling me what wine, just that it’s mixed but I’ve had a delivery from her before (for art purposes) and she only works with the best so don’t worry it won’t be doos wyn ;) But then again, even if it is… FREE WINE!

Also… apparently this one is open world wide! She’ll deliver anywhere!

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