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DAY THIRTEEN > Meghan Maconochie Print

Okay so if you don’t know about Meghan or who she is you have most definitely been living under a rock. I made friends with her on instagram when she started this frigging amazing 365 project that she actually completed. (I can’t even manage a 30 day project!)

Quick catch up in case you don’t know who she is : one extremely effing talented artist by heart and teacher by day who took pencil shavings and turned them into art.

This is one she did of Fysh and I last year round my birthday actually. SO love it and must still get it printed for the wall.

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 18.53.57

Here are the ones you get to choose from, It’ll be signed and mounted on board for you. How lucky are you?! (sorry about the quality of the monroe and ice cream, they’re just photographs of the prints haha. )


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