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This is the best kind of misfit to know, well maybe not because she’s going to make you feel horrible about your nails and your lack of talent revolving them hahaha. Well that’s how I feel. *sits on un-manicured, unpolished nails*

Not only is Mich talented with nail art and a fantastic pink haired beauty but she makes the most gorgeous skirts as well! I have a tutu I got for my birthday and I can’t wait to frolic around the forest in it pretending I’m a forest nymph come to life when we go away for my birthday. Yeah, pretty sure The Person is going to cringe but I totes am going to do that!

She’s letting you pick either a polkadot skirt or a Hello Kitty skirt! You can find sizing on her website.
Told you she’s creative :)

Ordinary Misfit

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  1. You’re gonna make me choose? Okay polka dots if I can get it in black otherwise hello kitty.

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