DAY SEVEN > Looma Designs

I was supposed to post this one yesterday but got my dates mixed up. It just so happens that Cristy from Looma Designs happens to be an APRIL BABY! Boojah! and yesterday was her birthday :) So we’re all going to spam her with some belated birthday love today ;)
I met Cristy when I had to sneakily stalk her as she was my secret santa recipient for a book swop we did in December. And as it turns out she’s not only an author and amazing human being but she’s a fantastic designer as well!
Despite it being her birthday month as well she’s joining in and giving away a set of cards to one of you so that you can spread the love via snail mail, cause like me she likes snail mail yay!!! And who doesn’t love getting a card in the mail that isn’t another bill.
Cards for sale - black and white collection
She’s not on twitter so pretty please why not pop her a birthday message when you’re on her facebook page, seeing as you’re there anyway :)

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27 thoughts on “DAY SEVEN > Looma Designs”

  1. Chantelle Salt says:

    My favourite is number 6, Thanks a Million!

  2. Carolyn Augustus says:

    Number 5 – I’m here for you rain or shine

  3. Bianca Erasmus says:

    Ooohhhh please pick me pick me!

  4. The Stilettomum says:

    I love number 5

  5. Megs Hartwig says:

    Lovely cards, and my favourite card is the “You’re pretty darn fantastic” one ;) Holding thumbs.

  6. cat@jugglingact says:

    I love” I am here fro you rain and shine”

  7. Cassey says:

    I love “You can do it” it’s something we all need reminding of.

  8. nasika baijnath says:

    i love them all

  9. Megan Kelly says:

    I love them all but already have people in mind for 1, 2, 5, 7! These are gorgeous!

  10. Tania says:

    Number 1 – love giving compliments to special people “You are amazing” a perfect card for perfect family/children/friends!

  11. Tania says:

    No 1 – You are amazing!

  12. dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013) says:

    fantastic give aways

  13. Kerri-Lynn says:

    Definitely You can do this!!!!!!

  14. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:

    Number 2 for sure :)

  15. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:

    Number 2 is my fav :)

  16. Jadie Jones says:

    Number 3 Love is a Verb. .. what a great card

  17. REHANA SEEDAT says:

    I love number 5

  18. Carla VDW says:

    I like “You’re pretty darn fantastic” I would love to receive a card like that!

  19. lauren hewitt says:

    I like number 7, I have a few mommy friends who doubt themselves, sometimes a little ” you CAN do this ” helps

  20. Jenna O says:

    I love the Thanks a million one :) I love to thank my friends!

  21. Julia says:

    So hard to choose!
    I would go for You ARE AMAZING!

  22. Eli Rosen says:

    I like the Love is a Verb card. Aaaaaaw

  23. Melanie Pieterkosky says:

    Love is a Verb

  24. Nicola Meyer says:

    You Are Amazing!

  25. Rachel Goldstuck says:

    Love is a verb is mine

  26. Nikki Ferreira says:

    Number 3 all the way!

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