DAY NINE > A bag full of crochet

For all the lovelies who crochet!!!
This one is for you.
And if you don’t know how to crochet… now’s the time to learn :)

Stephanie from A bag full of crochet is giving away a pattern for her reversible slouch beanie. If you can’t crochet yet this is a great time to learn cause this beanie is GORGEOUS. I can’t wait to make myself one (I got a copy for my birthday :D)

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16 comments on “DAY NINE > A bag full of crochet”

  1. I’m in the process of teaching myself now. Work is a bit sloppy but I’m having the time of my life. Wish I had started earlier!

  2. I taught myself 2 years ago, Google, YouTube are your friend when trying to learn a new stitch.

  3. Am so glad you started teaching me. Love all the inspiration i get following your instagram ?

  4. I started to teach myself and then I got distracted. Ready to start again. So far I can chain!

  5. My mom, many years ago. And then again as an adult, she gave me her time and patience.

  6. I am going to ask my mum or my aunt as it is something I am keen to learn and should I win this now, I will have more than enough inspiration :)

  7. I learn’t how to crochet while I was still in school. My home economics teacher taught us in Standard seven

  8. My Mom taught me to crochet, and an added bonus is that two of my co-workers also crochet so we speak a lot about crocheting and patterns at work.

  9. I definitely deserve to win this one because YOU taught me how to crochet my dearest Pogo-Colarine!

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