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Jaclyn is a graphic designer who makes proudly South African babygrows over at Schnooky Pie and other adorable little clothing items for kids and she approached me cause well awesome attracts awesome right haha? Also cause she saw I love hedgehogs and she just so happens to have hedgehog babygrows in her arsenal!

I don’t know Jaclyn well so I’m going to just let her speak for herself quickly:

My name is Jaclyn Holmes, I am the owner and director of Schnooky Pie Handmade in SA baby clothing. Schnooky Pie is an exclusive, Proudly South African baby clothing brand. We have an intense passion for South Africa and for developing a range of clothing that is not only unique and of high quality but that is also proudly sourced and manufactured in SA. We do everything possible to ensure that our clothing is as Proudly South African as possible. From the fabric used to make up our garments, to the graphic designer and pattern maker who are responsible for creating the amazing designs that we all LOVE and even down to the fabulous ladies who sew our garments = we try our utmost to ensure that every step in the process of the creation of our brand remains true to it’s core – which is to be 100% Proudly South African.

And we all know that deep down we’re really patriotic and much prefer to keep it local so this is awesome! Because who doesn’t want their little one looking adorable and being comfortable in something made HERE!

And um… HEDGEHOGS?! Yes please! (Could I have one in Fysh size please? haha)


Oh! I almost forgot. Jaclyn has a voucher code for you that will give any of my awesome readers 15% off their order!!! Simply type in > cupcake mummy < at the checkout and voila :) so even if you don’t win you’re winning. boojah!

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***just note that the white doesn’t have the chevron at the back but it does have the buttons.

19 thoughts on “DAY FOURTEEN > Schnooky Pie”

  1. nasika baijnath says:

    so lovely, im in awe of the white romper

  2. Sula says:

    Very classy and cute

    1. cupcake says:

      it’s such a clever idea! (the studs)

  3. Lizanne Pitt says:

    I need this. Like really.

    1. cupcake says:

      you so do! not international though. guess if you win it you can have it delivered to the parents?

  4. REHANA SEEDAT says:


  5. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel says:

    Aaaw love her stuff. They so cute and innovative.

  6. Sharleen says:

    So gorgeous all of them

  7. Carla VDW says:

    Mint :) For my baby boy due in June! REALLY want this one so holding thumbs!

  8. Chantelle Salt says:

    White for a friend who is due in August.

  9. Megs Hartwig says:

    Mint for my friend’s baby girl, named Scarlet ;)

  10. Rachel Goldstuck says:

    Mint, for my next child as my boy is now 14 months

  11. Carolyn Augustus says:

    Mint please for my angel Blake Rachel

  12. Adele says:

    Gorgeous! Love the Mint, my baby boy is 8 months, but think I will gift it to my sister in law who is pregnant

  13. The Stilettomum says:

    mint. My cousin and his wife adopted a little girl on 12 April. little Sune needs much love.

  14. Aneesa says:

    Mint for baby boy! :)

  15. lauren hewitt says:

    Mint for my little boy

  16. Linda Laing says:

    Mint for my little nephew.

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