DAY EIGHT > Natascha Van Niekerk Fine Art Photography

I don’t know Natascha personally but when she offered up a gift for you guys I jumped for joy, I adore her photography and the jewellery and things she makes with her photos for us.



She, and myself, couldn’t decide which of the goodies to pick for you so she’s offering up a voucher instead. I know it’s more fun winning something tangible than a voucher but this way you’ll decide if you prefer a necklace/pendant VS a ring VS earrings VS a purse or if you want to add a little extra and get a print or cushion which I think is kinda nice.


I was right when I said they’re gorgeous yes?! I didn’t say it? Well I am now.

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30 thoughts on “DAY EIGHT > Natascha Van Niekerk Fine Art Photography”

  1. Bianca Erasmus says:

    I want it all!! I adore her pendants and have a few in my basket :)

  2. Justine Varner says:

    Oh wow, her stuff is really awesome! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Megs Hartwig says:

    All of your goodies are GORGEOUS….But I would really like to get the “Forest in my Heart” Pendant with the Bokkie.

  4. Hlelile Vinkhumbo says:

    Wow great stuff thanks for sharing ??

  5. Sharleen says:

    All so beautiful. Love her stuff

  6. Jadie Jones says:

    Wow how do I choose!!! All so stunning. I think I would get the earrings with the proteas and then I’d have to come back for more

  7. Chantelle Salt says:

    “Forest in my Heart” Pendant – Bird on a Branch, Blue

  8. lauren hewitt says:

    I love the pendants!

  9. Cassey says:

    All ghost forest in my hears items ftw! Thanks so much for bringing her to my attention, I spy amazing presents for a friend :D

  10. Cara Morris says:

    The ghost tree forest in my heart hoop earrings are everything.

    I also adore the round leaves print cushion and purse (eucalyptus is my jam)

  11. dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013) says:

    i love necklaces

  12. Roxanne Chutthergoon says:

    Such pretty stuff – I would love to get the Forest in my Heart Hoop Earrings – Tree, Purple

  13. Julia says:

    Forest in my heart ring in Ghost Tree Red. GORGEOUS!
    And I LOVE those little purses!

  14. Rehana Seedat says:

    I love the pendants!

  15. stephanie videira says:

    a real tough one to choose it would be either Forest In My Heart” Ring – Tree, Brown or Fine Art Cushions – Reaching Trees or the Forest In My Heart Pendant – Winter Tree

  16. Eli Rosen says:

    I would like one of everything please! If I have to choose I’ll start my collection with the “Forest In My Heart” Pendant – Ghost Tree, Turquoise

  17. Melanie Pieterkosky says:

    “Forest in my Heart” Hoop Earrings – Tree, Purple

  18. cat@jugglingact says:

    I’ll add a bit and get that Proteas set gift box – love the proteas

  19. Alet says:

    I really like the protea pendant and earrings and the delicate leaves purse.

  20. Jackie Katzen says:

    “Forest In My Heart” Pendant – Ghost Tree, and the Forest in my Heart” Ring – Winter Tree, Turquoise

  21. Nicola Meyer says:

    Love – Purses Protea Still

  22. Tamlyn Dippenaar says:

    I want EVERYTHING!!!!!! how do you choose…..

    1. cupcake says:


  23. Rachel Goldstuck says:

    I’d get the “Forest in my Heart” Pendant – Ghost Tree, Turquoise

  24. Tamlyn Dippenaar says:

    These are so beautiful, oh my hat. I love the organic designs

  25. Nikki Ferreira says:

    Protea earrings or purse :)

    1. cupcake says:

      duh :P

  26. The Stilettomum says:

    Your going to kick my ass , but again I can’t decide – as usual I want everything but mostly the Owl soft toys (each one is unique) – I think. Otherwise Sleeping eyes pillow case set; Mint Dress; Penny – Pink Floral Cotton Dress.

  27. Linda Laing says:

    “Forest in my Heart” Hoop Earrings – Tree, Purple

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