currently – september things

I have no idea what to actually blog about so here’s a little “currently” post idea I nabbed from The Blessed Barrenness…

why you were takenReading – Today I started “Why you were taken” by JT Lawrence.

A proudly South African author which I’m totally loving right now. The saffa author thing I mean. I read two books this weekend. Yup TWO! I read a book a day. Both books by saffa author Rachel Morgan. And lined up on my list for the next few books is three more local authors. There is some serious talent in this country that gets overlooked far too quickly.


Watching – Dark Matter

I’m 11 episodes in and there are only 13 so I’m pretty much done with it today and then not sure what I’m moving on to. The joys of uncapped is the streaming while I work. Any suggestions as to what to watch next?


dark light of usWriting – very little

I am SO behind on writing the book that Flat White Concepts and I started. As soon as I’m done here I’m dedicating the afternoon to writing the next chapter so it’ll go up tomorrow. Hopefully all the reading this weekend means I have a bit of myself and my vibe back.

c700x420-2Doing – The Person

Oh wait… is that not what that topic means?! My bad…
I’m studying actually. Busy doing a course on writing books for children and absolutely loving it even though I’m only 3 modules in. Only 15 modules to go till I get my completion certificate!

depressionFeeling – broken

Having a really tough time headspace wise, Friday I slept the day away, literally. I got into bed at 1pm and got out the following morning, well not really out but I at least sat up and did something other than sleeping. Feeling a little better but still not ready to stand up and smile just quite yet. Seeing psych on Wednesday to see if we can get my head sorted out.





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