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ef8c99741e052787a4a4c6dc0b70211eSo next month is my birthday – Hells yeah!!! And to top that off it’s my crown birthday! (I turn 28 on the 28th in case you don’t know what a crown birthday is).

I have a love hate relationship with birthdays though, I love them and throwing a big themed party makes me super happy but for some reason usually only 2 people show up for it, nope I’m not kidding, I blogged about it last year. Anyway, that aside, I still love it and still try do something for it each year.

This year I’ve decided not to put my hopes into a party but rather to celebrate with all of you because you’re all awesome and always there for me BUT instead of you giving ME gifts I’m going to give YOU gifts! Yup, how awesome am I?!

I’m putting together 28 days of giveaways! So in April, starting April 1st there will be a new awesome giveaway of something I love :) I’ve procured a few things for you already, mostly crochet stuff it seems (winter is coming after all) but there’s also a fox ring, gorgeous portraits, WINE! books, jewellery, a retro skirt, hedgehog baby grow and sets of designer cards etc! Awesome right?

There are still 8 spots to fill up so if you have a company or you make something and want to join in on making my birthday epic for my readers then please let me know. You’ll get a full page write up and of course I’ll blab it to my social media. I love gifts (who doesn’t) but you don’t need to send me anything (though I won’t stop you if you want to) in exchange for a post, so long as you’re sponsoring that’s all payment involved for it.

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