#cupcakesbirthdaygiveaway – THE WINNERS!

I wanted to do this on the 13th cause I know that for some of you Friday the 13th is “unlucky” which I find a little dumb and society driven but anyway, as things would have it I had a pretty decent day and good things happened but I wasn’t able to get to wifi to go through all the entries and pull the random winners (all winners are random, I only do a re-draw if they’ve already won one of the 28 days and are drawn again – sorry, only one win per person haha) and stuff so you’ll just have to excuse the fact that this post is 2 days late.

I’ll email the winners on Monday hopefully, if you don’t get an email don’t stress out too much. I’m still stuck without wifi but will make a plan to mail you ASAP to get your details and so on. Though I should actually be checking out which of you just entered to enter and which of you are loyal readers and make you email me instead ;)

So listed in order of giveaway…

The cupcake Lady
Christie Mann (So jelly right now! Please give Angel a hug from me)

Forever Illustration
Monique Snyman (Ooh, what you gonna have drawn?!)

Eli Rosen (wahahahaha, of course. ENJOY!!!)

Turkey Dimple
Cat@JugglingAct (star wars fans unite!)

Just Ella Bella
Melanie Pieterkosky (Excited for you!)

A Colouring Book
Max (ENJOY! May it help relieve a lot of stress)

Looma Designs
Megan Kelly (I better get one in the post haha)

Natascha Van Niekerk Fine Art Photography
Tamlyn Dippenaar (I’m stealing this one, you can’t have it)

A Bag Full of Crochet
Lauren Hewitt (ah please send a pic when you’re done with it)

Ordinary Misfit
Nikki Ferreira (dude, you’re going to rock that skirt)

Pure Sweet Joy
Carla VDW (please share photos!)

Flowermill Stationary
Meghan Maconochie (wahahaha, is this even allowed?)

Meghan Maconochie Print
Sharon (aaah yay you, so jealous)

Schnooky Pie
Lizanne Pitt (can’t wait to see photos)

Vin d’easel
Nicola Meyer (coffee lovers take over the world! after this cup of course…)

Pout Perfection
Bianca (hope it fits!)

Crochet by Cupcake
Candice (a surprise coming in the mail that isn’t a bill woohoo)

Angela Meadon
me! (am kidding) > Cassey you get this one

Modern Monroe
Ellie G (eep! yay for new mermaids!)

Glamore Cosmetics
Eleanor Faddell (can I borrow the nude one?! hahaha)

Acorn Kids
Stephanie Videira (can I join for bath time? wait, that sounds creepy)

SA Kids on the Go!
Emy Clarke (whoop whoop!)

For the Love of Nail Art
The Stilletomum (you’re going to be a mermaid!)

Chantelle Salt (so jealous! you better share)

Book Box
Tania H (ooh I have the BEST books picked out for you!)

Mischief Managed
Cashe Kidd (yay for a Ravenclaw winner hahaha)

Congrats to each and every one of you. I wish each entry got a prize but eish, I don’t have the funds for that.
Maybe one day I’ll be like Oprah and give y’all something :)

11 thoughts on “#cupcakesbirthdaygiveaway – THE WINNERS!”

  1. Eli Rosen says:

    Bwhahahahaha. That’s hilarious and awesome. Yay wine!

  2. Eli Rosen says:

    Thank you Cupcake and Lydia.

  3. Christie Mann says:

    Wait, I won CUPCAKES???? Woohoo!!!
    Thank you so much xxx

  4. stephanie videira says:

    Yeah thanks so much i def be joining the kid in the bath so i can play with them to

  5. Gillian Hattingh says:

    Congrats everyone!!!

  6. Cassey says:

    Woo hoo :D

  7. catjuggles says:

    Oh yeah yeah yeah! I will have to fight my daughter as to who wears it when. Thanks so much! Will wait for your mail – no pressure

    1. cupcake says:

      I’ll email you ASAP just waiting for WIFI to kick in else will go find some tomorrow

  8. The Stilettomum says:

    I won I won – I am going to be a mermaid!!!!

  9. lauren hewitt says:

    Thank you so much!

  10. Melanie Pieterkosky says:

    Oh wow! Thank you!!!

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