craft swap anyone?

I thoroughly enjoy the bookswaps I hosted last year but think I’m going to keep them to twice a year simply because they are so much admin and I don’t make anything for my time and effort.

BUT I’ve been itching to do a local craft swap for a while. I’ve done 4 international ones but in all honesty the postage usually ends up costing so damn much you can’t really have fun with the package. A 1kg package to England cost me R450 and took 2 months to arrive where as a 6kg package to Jozi cost me R115 and was there in 3 days.

Any craft is welcome, I’m just gauging interest at the moment. You can crochet, paint, create, sew, felt. Whatever your heart desires. You’ll need to have 1 large craft (something that takes you at least 6 hours) 1 medium craft (something that takes you at least 3 hours) and 2 small crafts (things that take you an hour or less) and of course you’re welcome to add a sweetie in.

You’ll have 2 months to do it which means we’ll be sending them from mid march.

The international ones are done with themes like vintage/cartoon/harry potter/tim burton but how’s about when you fill out the form you let us know what you like. Your favourite movie/cartoon/fandom. If I can get enough saffa crafters interested maybe we’ll do specific themed ones later in the year. For now I’ll try match up people as best I can but google is your friend and you can always search for what it is they like :)

If you’re keen fill out the form HERE with your email.
I’ll mail you in about a week to let you know what’s happening and check to see if you’re still keen, if you are you’ll fill out the proper form  :)