out of the shadows review

out of the shadows reviewWe got an invite from Nickelodeon Africa to go and see the screening of the new Ninja Turtles movie and I know how much Fysh loves the turtles (we even have the lego) so I of course said yes – thanks guys!

We almost forgot about it but thankfully something in my brain clicked into the right place and I had us hustling out the house and arriving literally as the movie had started so sadly I missed previews (I love previews!)

We laughed, the entire cinema did so clearly it’s not just me who thought it was funny and Fysh gave it two thumbs up and asked when we can see it again. There’s a lot of action in it as with any turtles movie/cartoon but no extreme violence. The car chase is hectic but again there’s no blood and gore and they only fight the bad guys. The age restriction was PG10 but we were notified onto day that they’ve upped it to PG13. Please note that if you want to take a younger kid to watch it’s really not violent in that way just make sure they can sit for 2 hours quietly (someone brought their kid who wouldn’t stop screaming because he wanted to run around and play on the phone and I eventually asked them to leave because I am that bitch and it was unpleasant). If like me you often sit with the hassle of them not wanting to sell you a ticket “because your child isn’t 13” you can quote the Film and Publications board because as a parent YOU get to decide if you want to take your child to see a rated movie.

PG – Indicates that parents and caregivers are in the best position to decide whether or not a child in their care may view film or DVD for home entertainment purposes.

Krang is introduced as the new bad guy and I laughed when the turtles described him as a piece of gum with a face. Cause it’s SO true. And for the mamas… do you remember Cassey? The guy in the hockey mask that’s so in love with April and always wants to help out the turtles? Well he finally makes an appearance and is a little more badass than the cartoon version and the bonus? He’s played by Stephen Amell aka The Arrow!!!

Best way to spend fathers day, watching a badass movie with my boys instead of wallowing at home and hating the day. Popcorn and a comfy turtles blanket was definitely a better option!

It’s officially out July 1st for those wanting to go watch it :)

3 thoughts on “cowabunga!”

  1. Justine says:

    Awesome review! I still don’t think we’ll watch it though. Logan loves the Nicelodeon turtle series, in fact he is slightly addicted and has almost all the character toys, but this “real” version freaks me out a bit. I just can’t get used to the way they look, they give me the creeps!

    1. cupcake says:

      hahahahha! I love it :P

  2. juwayra says:

    Can’t wait to take my turtles… I seriously hope I don’t get any problems with their ages. Thanks for the heads up!

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