Could you design my tattoo? 

I get asked this SO often and my is usually no. The main reason being that I am not a tattoo artist and do not aspire to be one even though I admire them. 

In general no matter what you’re taking to have done you and your artist are going to faff with it to make it work perfectly, and if your artist doesn’t do this I suggest you find a different artist because you might have an idea that won’t work exactly where you want it to, because of size or shape. You aren’t a flat surface, remember that… 

You wouldn’t ask a chef to bake you a fancy wedding cake. Can they do it? Yeah sure they probably could but they won’t, they’ll most likely send you to the person next door who actually bakes cakes for a living. 
I’ll be honest and say I’ve been known to accept small bribes to sketch out a concept idea/’s that you can take to your artist so they have a visual representation of what your mumbled explanation is and they can take it from there. 

But today I watched my design get tattooed as is on a friend! Okay yeah sure it was just the outline of a monstera leaf but still surreal and nerve wracking. 

Now don’t go making this a millennial tattoo y’all hear ;) 

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  1. You are a true artist, and I personally love your work? You sketch that become a tattoo is AMAZING!!!!

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