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This is my favorite time of year, well usually it is. It’s magical, it’s the time of year all religions put aside their differences and celebrate a pagan holiday. inside joke.

Usually I start humming carols in November already and I binge watch all the Hallmark holiday movies. I haven’t even seen one this year and the only time I’ve sung along to any carols is when I’m in a shop and only because singing along seems to help me not really notice them – my brains logic apparently.

It’s sad really cause Fysh still loves it, although to be honest now that the whole Santa thing flew out the window I think he’s just more excited about the gifts we’re getting him really more than anything else. That and my moms cooking. Her cooking is always amazing but she goes over and above for the 24th of December.

Facebook keeps throwing up those “this day in history” shit and it’s all photos of how I was sitting hand sewing little felted stockings with gingerbread men on them and each person’s name stitched on to theirs, me at my goal weight wearing gorgeous dresses, folding napkins to look like pine trees with candy cane stems… I don’t know if it’s cause I’m overweight and broke this year and can’t really spoil everyone like I want to, because I’m more stressed about missed car payments than I’d like to admit or if it’s cause I’m just getting old and turning into the grinch.

If I had to jingle the bell this year I wouldn’t hear it.


Maybe Fysh and I will sit and read Father Christmas and Me tonight seeing as it’s the only one in the series we haven’t yet and Matt Haig is just awesome. Or maybe I’ll read it while he watches Elf (his favorite xmas movie).

How do you get into the spirit of it all?


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  1. Think Christmas is more fun when you have kids, there excitement is infectious this year my daughter is four so lots of excitement putting up decorations, writing to Father Christmas

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