collecting STUFF

So I’m supposed to be moving my stuff right now *cough cough* but fuck me sideways there is just so much of it, how the fuck?! I feel like such a hoarder!

My housemate of 3 months that turned into 3 years moved out which means I can finally move back into my room (I still don’t know why I moved out so don’t ask) and clear out the one I was in for a new housemate. The one I was in was half the size of the one I’ve moved back into now but I seriously can’t figure out how the hell I fit everything in there, I really can’t.

So I’m decluttering. Haven’t seen you in a few months? Out you go. This includes clothes and anything else that get’s pulled out the bottom of the cupboard or the nooks and crannies they seem to have crawled into. I swear everything had a party in there and multiplied!

Ugh just ugh. Clean new space. Still need to attack the rest of the house once I’m done with the rooms as all her furniture is gone now as well which means all of a sudden there’s huge open spaces everywhere but also a lack of shelving and place to put certain things. Might take a few days but am sure we’ll get there. At least the kitchen and bathrooms are sorted. That’s a start.

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