collecting scars and memories

When he was about 2 Fysh tried to climb into my then golf and slipped as it was wet which resulted in a massive bump on his forehead. Today still if you look in the light you’ll see there’s an actual dent in his forehead. We always laugh at it and say he just wanted to look like Harry Potter ;)

Other than that, and a few scraped knees here and there, he hasn’t really been one of those kids who need rushing to the hospital like my brother. (stitches from falling over the dog with a glass, head gashes from jumping into the pool, burned hands from playing with smoke bombs and a black eye from a coke bottle and a cork…) Or even like myself (25 stitches and nerve damage in my foot, broken thumb catching a hockey ball, broken my large toe slipping down a hill, dislocated shoulder, scars from riding on train tracks and walking the dog, broken teeth, spine injury, literally slipped on a banana peel etc etc).

But I swear he has been trying to make up for the lack of childhood scars in the past two weeks…

He’s jumped into a post box and gained a gash on his shoulder.
He’s fallen over both our dog and my moms dog and gained lovely bruises.
He fell down a gravel road while carrying ice and took much skin off of his leg.
Collected a few scratches and left some palm skin behind on our hiking trails.
Hurt his ankle walking out the bedroom door.
Stumped his toe so hard we had to make sure it wasn’t broken.
Fallen over the end of the bed while walking past it. (how even?!)
Gained a sexy eyebrow scar when the dog he was hugging nipped at him
… and yesterday he walked solidly into the french doors of my room.


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I know they joke that boys are always going to get into scrapes and bumps but man this is doing my mama nerves in! Now I know what my parents felt like. It’s a little ridiculous.

It’s getting to the point now that when he get’s hurt the tears are mingled with laughter and he even calls hims self a chop.

Any other moms going through this? I seriously can’t be the only one. I feel like I need to put him in one of those plastic rooms with all the soft furniture and never ever let him out. But that would seriously impede our van life goals so I guess it’s a good thing I studied as a medic, at least it’s coming in useful!

In the end I guess It’s all about making memories right? I remember almost every scar and how or when it happened. Some hilarious, some depressing and some just plain bloody stupid but they’re all a remind of living a full right?

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  1. Aaron has a lovely scar under his chin from when he slipped while doing push ups on the edge if the table – I also have no idea.
    Other than that he is mostly unharmed.
    Faith on the other hand…
    She has broken her right arm twice (2 different places) and one of those was from tripping over her own feet, on a flat surface and landing on a soft patch of grass – how even??
    My brother though, sjoe, the crap he got into. The best was one night he was sleep walking (running) and ran into the open basement doorway, then proceeded to slip on the shiny wooden steps and, still asleep, slide down the stairs on his arse. He still has a dent in his right butt cheek from hitting every step on the way down.

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