cold turkey and new old habits

The Person is the most damn patient and quietly persistent person I have ever met. He’s done so many things to help out and for a long time I resisted because “my life is fine stop trying to change it” but here and there I started giving in. And it’s funny how things happen like that, you start changing one small thing here and there and the ripple effect is tremendous.

I started forcing myself to disconnect and go to bed earlier than usual, whether or not I had work I made sure I was switched off and in the dark before midnight, then when the cat wakes me up at about 06:30 I actually got up instead of throwing a pillow at it and staying in bed till 8 or 9. Instead I fed him and sat down at my old desk to actually work. By 9am when Fysh wakes from his dead sleep I’ve done all the important admin, I’ve done some writing and usually I’ve even gotten a drawing it. And it really impacted life. Things actually started going better if that makes sense. I was managing clients better, I was managing life better and I was even purging all the clutter around me.

And then I had a house guest that rather mucked up this go getting building an empire vibe I was on and I can actually feel things slow down, I’m struggling again both business wise and mentally.

So today being Monday and Monday being the stereotypical perfect day to start something I got up early and did all the things, my eyes are burning and I am feeling close to caving to the caffeine and sugar addiction I have decided to kick cold turkey because I keep meaning to “wean off it” and truth be told that just never happens. I’ve got a few ladies on a WhatsApp group kicking my butt and making sure that I actually workout today and drink my allotted amount of water.

Most people will tell me that jumping in all out is going to backfire but I have come to realize that there is no half in half out for me because it just doesn’t work. I did the cold turkey back in 2014 when I got myself into shape and I am no stranger to migraines so the detoxing will be hell but just another damn day.

Fysh and I are going to do veg soup for a few days to detox from the disgusting amount of sugar we’ve consumed since his birthday. We’re not going on a diet. I am not going to do calorie counting and I am not using a scale, I don’t want an obsession, we are just going to be conscious of what we consume and we’re going to be more active.

Can’t build my empire and be a great role model if I’m lethargic and unhealthy.

Small changes and encouraging persons…
It’s amazing the impact they have even on stubborn people.

Any advice?
What motivates you?
Anything you do in particular to keep at it?

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