So Fysh has been a little grumpy and under the weather, definitely not himself and I thought maybe it was just because he’s had a bit much sun (he’s been in the pool from sunup to sundown everyday since summer reared her ugly head in the mother city. 

Turns out he has chicken pox or “Chickenpops” as he calls it. Poor dude has little itchy blisters all over and they keep cropping up. Thankfully he has been very good in not scratching them and the only one that seems to be really bothering him is the one under his bottom lip and he accidentally popped one in his ear before I could tell him it’s pox and he mustn’t scratch. 

My Aussie mom warned that that lotion everyone suggests turns the blisters into scabs and they tend to scar so I found a lotion for shingles (adult chickenpox – what it’s called if you get it a second time – I’ve ha it 3 times. It SUCKS!) which is kak expensive but it’s really working at taking the itch away. That and long cold baths and showers to make up for no swimming. 

It’s kinda day 1 cause we only realised it today. Explains why he wasn’t really into the birthday party yesterday. Thankfully T is an “oldschool” mom like me and laughed saying she hopes the twins caught it cause then it’s over and done with. Wish more moms were like that cause the poor kid just wants to play. 

And Murphy’s law… The tablet died on Friday so no minecraft or YouTube to keep his mind off it. I got him a cheapie kite and he had fun playing with it once the shade covered the courtyard. At one point him and my phone disappeared to be found on the top bunk watching Johnny Test. Cheeky bugger haha. 

So hey. If anyone in cpt has a “let’s get it over with” view let me know. The kid would LOVE a play dare.   

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