Celebrating 7 years of life

We ended up cancelling Fysh’s party and said those who want to join are welcome to come join us at the waterfront and I arranged that Fysh’s best friend comes with. Surprise surprise, or maybe not, everyone bailed. 

But The Person, Fysh and I had the best damn day regardless and more so Fysh had an epic time and had fun playing with the random kids. 

We started with bubble tea, his favourite! and a bretzel. So yummy. I had a pina colada flavored slushy from the ice tea place and dammit I want another one now!!! 

Then we headed to the aquarium, one of our favourite places. The Person has never been to the Cape Town one and we keep saying we want to go but we decided to hang on to all the renovations are done. As it turns out the renos aren’t done and there aren’t sharks anymore as their exhibit is still under construction which was always our favourite exhibit to sit and watch. Just in case you want to go, now you know. But we still loved it. So many pretties and the new jellyfish exhibit is psychedelic haha! 

He FINALLY got the ice cream sandwich he’s been asking for. Not sure where he heard about them but he’s had Crumbs and Cream on his mind and it just so happens they are right outside the aquarium :) 

Then a pub lunch at Ferrymans which we live and have been going to for years now. Was good sitting in the sun and we were seated in what to me is the best seat in the house. It’s the one right at the back next to the kids play area. He can play, we’re next to the bar, the waitress is right there and the bathrooms are close enough be can go on his own. Best service, great food, awesome beer. 

On the way back to the car we decided to go see what scratch patch cost but ended up finding cave golf!!! So we got two clubs or whatever you call them and did 18 holes before coming home. 
Now I am fucking exhausted and am going to avoid people for a while because fuck me sideways I’m surprised I didn’t kill anyone today. Particularly the two behind me in the queue for ice cream who were bitching about how inconvenient their friends depression is. The fact that I managed to reign in my anger and was able to calmly turn and tell them they are fucking assholes and horrible friends and this friend of theirs deserves way better than them is beyond me cause I was ready to punch that bitch. And to the woman that pushed my kid out the line… You have an entire fucking blog post about you coming. 

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  1. It’s always unplanned days that end up being the most fun. Hope Fysh had an incredible birthday!

  2. Haha I enjoyed reading this I’m so glad you and your and The Person had so much fun :) I can’t wait for the next blog about the bitch haha :)

  3. Omg your footnote made me angry, but also made me almost pee myself laughing. I’m sorry everyone bailed! I’ll see you tomorrow ❤️

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