Cape Town authors meet-up

It’s not too often I choose to socialize, the people have to be pretty damn special for me to willingly head into a group situation but when I got invited to the Cape Town authors breakfast at Bootleggers I couldn’t say no because I fangirl a few of them so hard in secret. These are just some of the most talented and nicest people ever. Though I feel a bit like a fraud going there when I’m not actually a published author as they all are but they welcomed me anyway and it makes me feel just that much more inspired to join their ranks!

The biggest bonus? I came home with an amazing collection of books from these uber talented people. I get so giddy when an author gives me a book, particularly when they are signed! Actors and singers – eh, they’re just people. Authors? Writers? They give up a part of their soul to share with the world. These are my people, I can actually relate to them.

I even had the best conversation with two of my favorites about the most exciting collaborations but I can’t tell you about them right now, you’ll just have to wait a little bit – but I am so doing that little happy jig every time I think about it :P

If you want to check out who was there and maybe support some local authors here’s a few of them :