Camping with the unicorn!

Last week Fysh and I packed up our little car and headed off towards Citrusdal for a week of relaxation, hot pools, waterfalls and big green trees at The Baths. Despite it being cut a day short due to the tent we borrowed not being 100% rain proof we had such an absolutely amazing time. I need a better work than amazing because it just isn’t enough.

We arrived the Sunday and I somehow managed to set up the giant 5 man tent and stoep thing all on my own – because it’s apparently more entertaining to stand watching a woman do it on her own and swear like a sailor than actually offering to help her. I got the tent up after some wrangling only to find that someone had taken the tent pegs out and swapped it for some little bags… We weren’t going to give up though so we made a plan! Tying it to trees and chairs etc and also weighing down the corners on the inside with the crates of goods.

Soon as the tent was up Fysh dragged me up to the pools. We haven’t been here in 2 years but most of it is the same. The new things are that there is free WiFi up at the restaurant and that the one pool now has really comfy lounge chairs and big umbrella’s up which mean that I could sit in the shade and chill while the crazy fool played in the ice cold pool (we swam in the hot one in the evening when it was shaded and I could get in without worry)

Another improvement is that the camping bathrooms have been upgraded they are SHINY new and so well kept. They always have been but now they’re all new. I like that they’ve kept the original pool bathrooms as they are. Old but clean.

Monday morning I got up early without an alarm, nature is just so refreshing! Made a cup of cocoa and sat with my feet on the little wall while I listened to the river running right past us and watching the leaves blow in the wind. Utter bliss.

Once Fysh woke up we donned our hiking boots and went for a hike up the mountain, something that we made a habit of doing each morning. I already miss it and feel so lazy. I need to live closer to a forest. Walking down the road between all the houses just isn’t the same.

There was just so much to see, to do and yet at the same time you could be busy all day and still feel completely calm and relaxed.

Even though we took a week off we still got to get some learning into it. We learned how a sundial works, we got to learn some of the tree names and I even taught him about a telephone booth :P

No camping trip is complete without and injury right? I told him not to run on the gravel as it’s easy to slip… Good thing he was coming back from buying ice.

But at the end of it all we mostly read (well I read) while Fysh spent hours in the pools, running between the two, alternating between freezing and boiling hahaha.

The unicorn used skills I didn’t know he had (apparently it’s from watching my stepdad) and built us a fire all by himself – way neater and better than I can! and made us smores. I am still seriously impressed. They learn even when you think they aren’t.

Neither of us can wait to go back.

2 thoughts on “Camping with the unicorn!”

  1. stephanie videira says:

    wow that places looks amazing and lovely out in nature

    1. cupcake says:

      Ah it was so absolutely amazing! Really hoping we can do it way more often in 2018

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