Buggy for Bugz Play Park

We (read Fysh) had the time of our lives at Bugz Play Park yesterday. It’s sort of like a Ratanga minus the lengthy walk between each attraction and minus the creepy abandoned city vibes. Aimed at kids from about 2 to 12 and big bonus is they’re open Monday to Sunday 9 to 5 (price list is herenot only school holidays! It was everything from water attractions, horses, play kitchens, divine food, party areas and a fun indoor spot for the toddles. Oh and clean bathrooms. Ah that makes my list big time.

I told Fysh we were going beginning of the week already and that was great cause it made for a good bargaining tool :P

He was most excited for the horses but oddly when we got there those weren’t really what held his attention. I think mostly because they are very safety conscious so there’s one staff member leading the horse and another holding the child’s leg and he’s far too independent for that. He did have a go but wasn’t too happy that they wouldn’t not hold him so didn’t go again.

ziplining bugz play park

Fun was had the entire time from the moment we arrived. Me, I should have brought a book but go figure I’d swapped out my bag for a backpack to keep the spare clothes and towel in and didn’t pop a new book in and I didn’t have my headphones with so no audio book either. Personally it was a day wasted (not really but my brain auto goes into “you wasted that moment” if I don’t utilise time for something that can be considered work.)



I love that they have signs at most of the attractions that point out what the activity is good for: Motor skills, upper body strength, etc :)



The waterslides where the big hit. Am glad I packed spare clothes and a towel because he decided to go down it fully dressed until I got him to at least take his shirt off!



And then there were the go carts which he has decided he want’s one of. I just laughed. Actually, when I was in Germany we had one that has a trailer attachment with seats and I’d often go into town with it and we’d mission about the forest roads exploring. Much fun was had.slushpuppy

lunchtimeThey’re all about the kids having such a good time that there isn’t enough free time for them to be bored and considering I had to force Fysh to sit down and have lunch and also hydrate I think we can say that they really succeed at it. Usually I hear the words “I’m hungry” every half and hour and when we were there getting him to eat his bacon burger was a mission (and though he’s not a big meat eater he never says no to bacon!). Speaking of… the good is so good! I had a vegetarian wrap and damnit I want another one. And then I gave in and had a chocolate milkshake and mother of all the stars I don’t think I’ve had one that good in a while. Seriously. Remember when Spur used to do those double thick shakes and they were so good and thick you struggled to drink them through a straw? These are like that!!!

piggiesOh, and man I can’t forget the adorable little piggies! The petting zoo is mostly rescue animals and at the end of the day they head back to the farm that’s just down the way from the Bugz which makes me happy, at least they aren’t stuck in there all day every day cause they alternate with other animals :) (They do the same with the horses btw, there are 3 there and then 9 at the farm and they alternate who comes to the park when).


NB – don’t forget the sunscreen at home. Apply liberally and frequently even if it’s overcast and you think the sun can’t get them (that’s usually when they get burnt the worst!).