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bucket list item you didn’t know you want

Yesterday I got to add “carved my own ring” to the “something I’ve done list” and it was amazing, and frustrating and so much fun! It was something I never even thought of putting on my bucket list of things to do but now that I’ve done it I’m telling you that this is something you really do need to add to your own list!

ring carving

Janine Binneman Jewellery hosts ring making workshops where she shows you how to carve your own ring out of wax and explains the entire process of how it goes from this piece of wax to an actual ring. It’s not as easy as you’d think and I seriously have a whole new respect and awe for Janine’s talent, especially when I look down at my ring that she made me of the serotonin molecules.

I tried to make twisty branches and ended up with an odd textured something but I did it and I wouldn’t take back a second of it even though I think I exclaimed several time “I give up” hahaha. But 3 hours of trying holds no flame to her 20 years of experience so I kept at it.

Janine let Fysh faff with some wax as well so he got to learn right along with me how rings are made and he even had the bonus of watching her do engraving. I had planned on taking a lot of photos but I didn’t, we were all so caught up in the concentration of not slicing our fingers that none of us really took any photos haha.

Whether or not you’re a creative person this is something you need to do at least once in your life. I’m nervous to see what it looks like in silver, probably hilarious but it’s definitely something I’ll always treasure :)

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