#brandfail of epic proportions

I think that PnP read my post about how not to talk to clients and took it a step too far.

Have you heard about the incident? Here’s a quick run down > a mother was shopping at Pick n Pay with her baby and 8 year old, she accidentally forgot to pay for a can of coffee that was at the bottom of the pram, she realised the mistake and went back to pay for it where the manager pulled her out of the queue and had her arrested. In front of her kids. In public.

There has been a HUGE outcry on social media from moms and non moms alike. And their response was an absolutely pathetic “cut and paste” response and beyond that utter silence. Pick n Pay, you fucking SUCK! I mean seriously, COFFEE??? What makes you think that it’s okay to arrest a mother in front of her kids like that? Do you know how traumatic and damaging that is to them?! Kids are impressionable you stupid asshole? There are SO many better ways you could have dealt with the situation, let her pay for the stuff she went back to pay for for example!

When Fysh was in a pram there were often times I’d get to the car and there would be something in it that I know I didn’t pay for or put there either, most times I was too bloody embarrassed to go back and if this is how it’s handled then I have no guilt. I remember Fysh being in a trolley once in Canal Walk and at some point I noticed he was playing with a necklace (a vastly shiny thing) and I hunted down the store to return it. The staff laughed and asked why we’d even come back. I was mortified and I never went back there as is I learned to pack something in to entertain him so little fingers wouldn’t wonder. It’s an absolutely horrible feeling.

Earlier this week I was at Checkers and a guy came rushing back all apologetically, he’d forgotten to pay stuff at the bottom of the trolley and quickly fixed his mistake. There were no cops involved, no arrests were made. He paid his forgotten items and left. He was not a mother, simply a human being obviously distracted by life and he was let be so how do you dare do this to a mom, have you ever tried shopping with kids? i recently went with a friend (I usually just have Fysh) and oh my fuck more than one kid is a nightmare!) And just so btw. Yes, mommy brain is a real thing.

I really hope this mother sues the absolute shit out of Pick n Pay.

And if you were curious. This was the response to the incident (taken from their FB page) >

Our customers are always our first priority. We are very understanding of the pressures facing mothers in our shops, and indeed all customers. For reasons of confidentiality, we cannot comment on the specific details of this incident, although many of the claims made on social media are not accurate. We can assure our customers that Pick n Pay would never escalate an issue unless we believed that, having examined and considered the facts, we had strong reasons to do so.

Cookie cutter response Pick n Pay, you SERIOUSLY need to fire your social media team.

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