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Bowling for soup 

Or for the fun of it anyway ;) 

I haven’t been bowling since, shit I don’t know. Maybe since I was about Fysh’s age and running around Kolmanskop sneaking into the bowling alley. And then it was once or twice before we got caught (bowling alley echoes). 

We were supposed to go to Ratanga Junction, The Person had never been and we always mean to but those prices put us off. They’re having a “fees have fallen” special to celebrate 17 years of being open (fuck that makes me feel old!) so the prices are how can I put it… Local friendly. BUT the dropped fees combined with Sunday, school holiday AND a gorgeous day meant it was so full they had to have overflow parking > from experience this means the best rides can have queues that are 2 to 3 hours long (not eggagetating). 

Soooo no go. 

Drove to drop The Person off at the goodwood train station and decided fuckit let’s go bowling seeing as we have time to kill till the next train.  

Fysh was in the lead despite not being able to hold the ball properly but I managed to sneak in 2 strikes and won by 5 points. It was a lot of fun and at R50 a person for 20 throws it really isn’t budget busting but great for the occasional treat.  

When we were done we grabbed R50’s worth of tokens and played in the arcade till they were up. Stomp the spider, basket toss. Kinda felt like a kid again. Tokens go damn fast though fok. 

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