Books make me happy 


Yesterday was a pretty decent day considering the last few we’ve had. I paid my car thanks to some help and I even managed to do a small grocery shop so that was a total win. We’ll still need to make sure the eskom bill gets covered but at least I have until next week before that becomes an issue again and hopefully I get a client or two in this week so that won’t be a stresser :) 
Besides those small victories it was made even better by numerous book deliveries!!! I get one maybe two every month because of the swaps and so on but it’s like they all waited to arrive at the same time this month. 

The first to arrive was The endless Steppe by Esther Hautzig. And I seriously squealed and had a moment when Fysh opened the package to reveal it! It’s about Esther’s Polish family that was arrested by the Russians and taken to a camp in Siberia to work in potato fields and the mines in 1941. Sounds depressing I know but I was forced to read it 16 years ago and the story stuck with me. It’s actually one of the very few setworks I enjoyed. Recently myself and For the love of nail art chatted about it and how neither of us have our copies anymore (we were in the same class) and how sad that was because we both loved it so much. V, ek soen jou sommer for replacing my copy!!! 

Then Penguin Random House dropped off a copy of The Cookie Jar by Lisa Clark shortly after. It came with one of the cookies from the book and I’ll admit I’m really sad I had to share that cookie with Fysh cause it was that good. I’m allowed to share one recipe from the book with you so I’ll make sure it’s a good one! 

Dammit now I want cookies… 
Then I ventured out my hermit cave to do the bank run etc and picked up packages that contained MORE BOOKS!!!
I got my August Book Swap book from Kath (I ended up sending and receiving two books for bookswap this month cause of my own stupidity in case you’re wondering why I also got Let’s Pretend this never happened by Jenny Lawson from Maz. Not complaining though) 

I am thrilled yet in a bind because from Kath I got a signed copy of the first book in Rachel Morgan‘s romance series! So stoked. BUT… There are 3 more currently available in the Trouble series and of course now I need to get my hands on them because you can’t have an incomplete set haha. Fok. 

Now all books are equal, some books are just more equal than others. No I’m totally kidding. Okay maybe I’m not. Either way there was one package left to open and where The Endless Steppe had me squealing and reminiscing over the good old days and thanking my lucky stars for my amazing tribe this package had me sobbing like an idiot and being thankful for those who date venture into the village of my life. 
If you’ve been following along on social media you’ll know life has been just a wee bit shit for us the past month and a bit and we’ve really been struggling to stay above water. I know we aren’t alone in this so if you’re having a really crappy time as well just know I wish I could do more than offer encouraging words. My July book box swap person was unfortunately also a victim to life and wasn’t able to send me a box for the swap. I didn’t take it too personally and made sure she still got her box and I still gifted my person their box. 

One of the swappers found out and said nope I need a book so I must send my details. She was pretty persistent so I gave in. Honestly I figured I’d get a second hand book and a chocolate (I mean this in a good way. As in that would have been perfectly sufficient seeing as she was already going out her way and second hand books are like abandoned puppies needing a new loving home). 

But no. This lady went and put so much effort into making me a box! From finding my favourite tea that’s shit hard to come by in stores (it’s my comfort tea and about two weeks ago I finished the last tea bag I had), to a frigging cupcake beanie, a print of Amy Harmon’s A different blue  and fox magnets! It even came in a cupcake box that NaNo has claimed as a sleeping box. 

Honestly it couldn’t have come at a better time so maybe when my mom says Things happen for a reason I should listen to her occasionally. And obviously I’ll tell you why. 

Not only because thoughtful gifts when shit is kak is awesome but also because Coraline was one of the books on my wishlist that was gifted (I love Coraline!) but when I made it a wishlist item I’d meant for the normal book. Instead I got it as a graphic novel. My first graphic novel! How did I not know about the wonders of these before?! 

I’ve been working on Charlie’s story and I’ve had it set in my head for a while that I’d write it as a kids book because then I get to do lots of illustrations but recently I decided I wanted to write more story and that doesn’t work so well with the spread page illustration layouts so I thought okay then I’ll write her full story story but add in full page illustrations here and there like in my favourite story Tatsinda. This was great as well but there were too many drawings in my head that wouldn’t get featured. 

And then I opened up Coraline and the answer jumped out and slapped my neurons. A graphic novel is very much how my brain works. Seeing the pictures illustrated so you get both the words and the drawing for them at the same time. If that makes sense? Graphic novels are the mental disorder book of the book world in the sense that they’re fit for both adults and kids so don’t really have an age category defining them (depending on the subject of course. You aren’t going to give a 7 year old hentai to read) so TaDa! Dilemma solved :) 
Now I just have to decide if I’m going to illustrate it digitally or continue in watercolor like I do now. Probably the latter. But I’m going to mull over that while I stroke my pretty new books like a psychopath and sip on Rose and French Vanilla tea ☕ 

In case you’ve gotten this far in the post and have decided you want to take part in some or all of the book swaps here’s a list of the upcoming Book Swaps for anyone keen to join any of them :D (The month is the sending date).  All are open now for sign up. 

September (small swap) – Support Local

Sign ups close 1 September.  Send by 25 September.

October (small swap) – All hallows eve
Sign ups close 1 October. Send By 25 October.

November (BIG swap) – Surviving December
Sign ups close 30 September. Send by 30 November

6 thoughts on “Books make me happy ”

  1. Zayaan Schroeder says:

    I read the Endless Steppe in high school too, I think Grade 9. It’s one of my setwork books that really stuck with me. That one and I Heard The Owl Call My Name.

    Also, Coraline Graphic novel ftw! And you need to let me know how the marshmallow hug in a mug is. I love the hazelnut one!

    1. cupcake says:

      We did it in grade 6. Really loved it.
      Mmm… Didn’t do the owl one but my other fave was To Kill A Mockingbird and also Die Verdwyning Van Mina Afrika which had also always stuck with me.
      I’m loving this graphic novel, I think I’m booked on them!!!
      I don’t like the hazelnut oddly, which makes Fysh happy cause he loves them and got to drink them. The marshmallow is good but in small doses, it’s really really sweet.

  2. Rachel Morgan says:

    What a fantastic book box of goodies!

    1. cupcake says:

      Right?! All the happiness :)

  3. Cassey says:

    Books are the best. And yay for the awesome lady who sent you such amazing things. Have you read the Sandman series by Gaiman? It’s the best graphic novel series ever.

    1. cupcake says:

      Ooh I haven’t!!! I’ll have to add it to my December bookswap wishlist!!!

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