[book review] The Brightest Star in the Sky – Chyemenn Santos

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Earlier this year we had to have our beautiful border collie put down. Joonbug was a rescue we got shortly after moving into our home, it’s a big house and I wanted the safety of a dog. Well it turned out she definitely wasn’t much of a watch dog (she was actually a scaredy cat and the first storm we had her nearly gave me a heart attack when she tried to climb through the burglar bars to get into my room and thus became an inside dog) but she was one of the family instead. Fysh was a year old when we got her so I don’t think he remembers life without her, she was his best friend and they did everything together. Her passing hit him really hard.

Cheymenn wrote this book for her niece and nephew after the passing of her husband and I really wish we’d had it when we lost Joonbug as she explains the sudden loss of a loved one so beautifully and how they live on even though they aren’t around anymore.
It’s illustrated in a bright catchy way and the wording is plain and simple enough for someone learning to read to follow along and understand.

Explaining to a child why Uncle Mike or their favourite person can’t come play anymore is really hard so having it in a story really helps. It makes them feel like they aren’t the only ones and we all know that when they’re little believing in what books say is how things are.

And the concept of being able to go and see them in the stars when you miss them. It makes things a little easier. So now at night Fysh sits outside (when it’s not overcast or raining) and talks to Joonbug when he misses her ♥


Available at > Amazon and Book Depository as well as LOOT.co.za

Also she’s LOCAL! Born Namibian but raised in SA, the DRC and Portugal and is currently between Cape Town and Luanda. You can show her some love on Facebook and Instagram


Thank you Jam Media for sending this to us. We absolutely ♥ it!

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  1. Chyemenn Santos says:

    Reading your review of my precious book brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much…knowing that Fysh goes outside to talk to Joonbug warms my heart. Thank you. Kisses and hugs for you all. Shine brightly Joonbug ?? Love Chyemenn

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