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{book love} The Cathedral of Cliffdale – Melissa Delport

cathedral of cliff dale

A Guardian is dead. For the first time in one thousand years, no replacement has come forward.
With only eleven Guardians remaining, the enchanted City of Summerfeld, home to the last survivors of the Blood War, is vulnerable.

As their enemies close in the Guardians must unite or Summerfeld will fall.

Firstly, what a oak blurb dear Melissa, that tells you almost NOTHING about how damn awesome this book is! A writer who sucks at blurbs hahaha, she has a weakness yay ;) Okay now that I’ve done the teasing let’s get to business…

If you’re into hot vampires, faeries, unicorns, other magical creatures and a strong protagonist then this is the book for you for sure. Quinn is a guardian, she has certain abilities that help her guard Sommerfeld, a safe haven for the last remaining magical creatures, hidden because vampires are greedy bastards who want to kill them all and become all powerful. Assholes! But her sister dies and she takes over the role of mother to raise her niece and nephew. Being a guardian she isn’t really allowed “time off” and she’s soon called back in to take up her duties again.

The story follows her hunt to find the twins, meeting a hot vampire named Drake with a really sobbing past and a band of gypsies who are determined to find Summerfeld.

It’s another brilliant book written by my favourite author and I’m not just saying that either, it really is a great book and the bonus is it’s free! Yup, so if you want a copy just chat to her on twitter or leave a comment on her Facebook page and she’ll send you a copy or you can buy it off Amazon though if you want it from kindle. It’s 3.49$ which goes to her and means that she can carry on writing awesome novels for us to live in.

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